Monday, June 22, 2015

Router Table Portable - DIY

Monday, June 22, 2015

I made a portable router table that can be attached to a work bench.
When I need it. I take it outside and put it on my workbench for routing.

Basically I carved a wooden board to be able to accommodate the router base.
If I use some ply-wood boards, it would be much easier to build a router table.
But I just used the material I have already had.

After lots of carving and little sanding, it fits perfectly to the router

Making Fecne


I routed those parallel slots from both sides of the board. So the lines didn't meet precisely.
That caused jerky movement of the fence when I adjust it. I might have to replace those bolts to thinner bolts.

  The center of the fence is cut where bits can go through.

Making a picture frame 

My router table may not be precise for professional use but it serves my purpose.
I made a picture frame with it.

Having a router table expanded what I can make in woodworking definitely.


  1. Fundamentally I carved any wooden board in order to accommodate the router foundation. If I utilize some ply-wood panels, it would be much simpler to build any router table. But I recently used the material We have already had.

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    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment. Same here. I used the material had been sitting around for this project. I thought using ply wood ideas too, but I coudn't be bothered to buy materials.

      My other projects: My DIY related facebook

  2. Excellent build. Fantastic and simple. I think I'll made something similar. Thank you for your good contribution.
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  3. I might to be able to similar to this easily transportable router stand which can be attached with any perform counter. Once i want it. My partner and i go on it exterior and also wear it my own workbench regarding course-plotting.
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  4. I guess a portable router table is what I need since I lacked the space! Thanks for sharing this.

    Tom Bradly


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