Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UV Exposure Unit out of a scanner

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For processing a photo-polymer plate, I built an UV Exposure Unit out of a scanner.
I bought this scanner for three bucks at a thrift store. As a flatbed scanner has a nice glass plate, it will be an ideal casing for building an UV Exposure Unit.

I installed UV lamps. These are from a nail lamp product. I chose those lamps, because of good availability and less expensive.


First, I took all parts out from the scanner. You might find some useful stuff for other projects. 

This time what I found are:

  • A piece of acrylic board 
  • A focusing lens 
  • A metal shaft 
  • Electrical small bits and pieces 

MDF Mount and Reflective material

I built a mount base for lamps. I put a reflective material on it.

8 UV lamps are installed.

Two power cords come out from the back which is the only part I don’t like. This means two circuit boards of nail lamp products are inside.

The light is quite powerful.
With this UV unit, I have processed some plates that came out good.

If you are interested in printmaking and building your own desktop UV exposure unit without spending lots of money. Using a scanner would be a good idea.

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