Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dent Repair - BIJOU BOX Windsor And Newton

Sunday, February 14, 2016

This is a vintage Windsor and Newton No.2 BIJOU BOX, water color set. I got mine at an antique shop.

The photo above is after the repair.

Although the bijou box looks like it has not been used at all, there was a dent on the lid. I thought I should repair the dent. I show you how I did it.

  • Reshaping support:

    First, I made a mounting base for the lid with rubber molding from the undamaged ridge of the lid.
    Then I put it on the damaged ridge and flip the lid. The mold is made of dense rubber material.

  • Tapping:

    I sand off tips of wooden sticks and used them as tapping tools with a little hummer.
    I tapped the dent very gentry to push it out.

  • Heating and Cooling method:

    After tapping session, I used a heatgun to heat around the dent and spray liquid gas with a canned gas daster inverted.

    This is a modified heatgun with a funnel on the tip.

    The metal is frozen.

    When the liquid gas freeze the heated dent, the metal will shrink a bit.
    The dent will become less or least noticeable.

    The repair completed.

    Note: please research and check the risk of using a canned gas daster inverted.

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