Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mattel Vac-U-Form Upgrading

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I installed the upgrade kit to Mattel Vac-U-Form. The solid punched metal platform and the metal lid are looking good. Although the kit is quite expensive (mostly the shipping), the contents are well thought out.

Good quality of products such as a silicone lubricant which is used for underwater photography. The instruction included is very easy to follow. Even a drill bit is provided.

Before the upgrading, I was thinking to disassemble a Vac-U-Form to work done. However there is no screws on the body. For instead, the outer steal is folded and punched by a few rivets. Unlike plastic toys these days, Vac-U-Form from the 60's got some quality.

First, I drilled a hole to install the new silicone valve. The initial valve was just a thin flapper rubber sheet.

The new valve is installed.

Cleaning the cylinder with paper towels. I stuffed paper towles in the cylinder then moved the piston up and down.

Now the cylinder clean and old grease is gone. Then new silicone lubricant is applied in the cylinder. Also, around the floor of the cylinder, the silicone sealant is applied which is provided too.

The Vac-U-Form can be more than a vintage toy from the 60's. If you are into crafting small projects with vacuum forming, it is definitely a good craft tool on your working table

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Screen Printing Press

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This is a screen printing press I built. Some piece of 62x37mm SPF lumber are used for the main construction and lumber core plywood for the platen and the base.

My router table previously built did good job for making lap joints.

The arm bracket is made with two of modified hobby cramps screwed to the aluminum angle.

Before I build this press, my concern of this project is how the arm swings. I see some presses on the web use springs to pull the arm. Since I am not sure what size of screen frame I am going to use or how heavy the screen will be, choosing the ideal springs for the arm might be little difficult.
So I figured and go primitive way, Pulley Systems for the counter-weight.

The counter-weight for the arm is just attached with the cable to pull the arm up and down. To hang the counter-weight(the bottle of water in the photo), I put the little pulley in, which is a part of sliding door wheels.

The counter-weight is adjustable with how much the water is filled.

The adjuster for off-contact is screwed in.

Before I made a platen out of thick MDF table top but it was too heavy for this press. So I used lumber core instead.

The platen can be adujusted with sliding and tightening the nut

I have already an exposure unit for the screens. So I want to try and make the screens.

Thanks to Screen Printing Press | HaHa Bird for ideas.

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